7.35 PM
Night Sighting
Noise of propellers approaching.
The Captain and First Officer Ten.
Dekker are on the look-out tower.
Dekker sights a shadow moving forward very fast with the lights out, a perfect target!
The Captain orders the immediate immersion to periscope depth.
7.58 PM
Passenger Ship
The U-BOAT is now at periscope depth, but the ship is still far away and can not be identified ...The captain orders to prepare and arm the bow torpedoes... The U-BOAT heads at full speed towards the target. Now it is in sight. It’s a passenger ship! ... The Captain passes the periscope to first officer Dekker to confirm the identification... Dekker confirms whispering ‘it is a British passenger ship, it’s just a passenger ship’
8.11 PM
Hard Decision
The ship is now very close, within range, the Captain orders to ‘flood and open the launch tubes, ready at my command’... The Captain is ready but hesitates. Dekker approaches, and whispers just one sentence ‘no, we can not, there is no glory in that!’... The captain remains motionless for endless seconds, then orders ‘reverse course! Close the launch tubes, this ship does not deserve our last torpedoes!’
[ The heroism in a decision! ]
The rigor of wartime did not win over the chance to choose.
This heroic act of peace in the midst of war, has been a source of inspiration for the birth of the DEKKER brand and has always been identified with three words:
[ Ethics ]
Ethics have always characterized each aspect of the business of the brand, starting from the creative phase, where materials, components and manufacturers are carefully selected in order to ensure continued compliance with the current regulations and the highest consumer satisfaction, continuing even in the company’s building structure which is made entirely of recyclable materials.
[ Estethics ]
Crucial for a brand that belongs to the world of clothing. The founding spirit, which is linked to the revisiting of the world of Military styles, has not changed, but has evolved over time and the revival still remains strong today for all the functional details of the styles which are used and tested under extreme conditions. Materials, accessories, pockets and constructive design details, are faithful reworkings or interpretations which are an integral part of DEKKER style and design suitable for every condition.
[ Discipline ]
In the broadest positive sense of the term. Meaning an absolute respect for the rules and above all the basic rules of coexistence that every community has established. Discipline as respect for human beings and peaceful coexistence.
uboat dekker
Navy Dek Leather Coat
È stato prodotto da DEKKER fino al 1998 ed ha caratteristiche uniche:
Realizzato in Pelle a concia naturale ed effetto Vintage Wash.
Interno in Raso di cotone garzato.
Quattro tasche esterne con chiusura antipioggia.
Navy Dek Cotton Coat
È stato prodotto da DEKKER fino al 2001 e ha le seguenti caratteristiche:
Realizzato in Cotton Satin antistrappo, idrorepellente.
Imbottitura interna in orsetto, Collo alto in pelle.
Due tasche esterne con chiusura antipioggia.
Sea Storm
Rappresentano la storia dei pantaloni Navy e nascono per soddisfare ogni necessità e funzione a bordo. Sono stati prodotti da DEKKER fino al 1999 e hanno le seguenti caratteristiche:
Realizzati in Cotton Satin antistrappo, idrorepellente.
Comfort Fit.
Tasche multifunzionali.
Bottoni in metallo fissati a chiodo sul tessuto.
Dekker nasce in Italia nel 1996 dalle idee e le intuizioni di un giovane ed affiatato team toscano.
La mission del Brand è da sempre quella di ridurre la distanza tra la creatività dell’Azienda ed i desideri dei consumatori.
lo stile “Military” diventa contemporaneo, adatto ad affrontare ogni evento della vita giornaliera.
Linee decise si uniscono a materiali unici e dettagli storici per creare capi inconfondibili.
Riccardo Coppola
Art Director
& Co-Founder
All-round passion, energy, and curiosity are the distinctive traits of Riccardo Coppola, the versatile and dynamic Creative Director of Dekker. He started his professional career with a degree in Architecture, and always combined field work with a high interest in craftsmanship and hand skills, conveyed both through his activity as an old furniture restorer in his youth and through his love for vintage in all respects, which he developed since the age of 15 attending the old-fashion apparel store where his sister was employed.
Massimo Tassinari
e Co-Founder
È C.E.O. della Conte of Florence Distribution S.p.a. che distribuisce i Marchi DEKKER – KEJO – Conte of FLorence...Nasce a Carrara, città famosa per il Marmo Bianco e terra di confine tra le montagne della Toscana ed il mare della Liguria....Cresce in una famiglia da sempre impegnata nel mondo dell’abbigliamento e ne impara i primi concetti nell’Emporio aperto dal nonno nel 1947...Matura molteplici esperienze sia nello studio che nel lavoro all’interno dell’azienda di famiglia, per la quale trascorre due anni in Germania venendo a contatto con realtà internazionali totalmente nuove... Nel 1996, crea con Riccardo Coppola il Marchio DEKKER che immediatamente riscuote notevolissimo interesse...Nel 2001 contribuisce alla nascita e sviluppo del Marchio Peuterey, nel 2006 a quella del Marchio KEJO...Da sempre ha un fortissimo legame con il mare e da anni lavora per una crescita sostenibile.
Completely surrounded by green countryside, in the midst of olive groves, the headquarters were deliberately built with just three materials: Wood, Glass, Steel
The building, structured as a complex organism and not simply an industrial construction, provides not only a spacious eco-friendly working environment with special concern for workers’ wellbeing, but is intended to stimulate a daily relationship with the surrounding landscape. The ubiquitous open spaces are not designed simply to contain, but promote group social relations, improve productivity and facilitate the achievement of the work team’s objectives as a result of constant interaction between different people, roles and positions, who find themselves having to coexist. Its investment in clean, renewable energy as a means of preserving the beauty and natural resources is a source of pride for the company. It is precisely in the pursuit of compliance with current regulations and concern for the concepts of eco-compatibility and eco-sustainability that the energy consumed during the manufacturing process is immediately reproduced through the use of photovoltaic panels and a geothermal plant. Reducing environmental impact without taking anything away from the quality of working space and the production process has always been the company’s guiding concern.
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