The parka was created in 1951 as a raincoat for American troops fighting in the Korean War, with the model M-51. In the late 50s/early 60s, various parka stocks reached England and were sold in its military clothing stores; they were adopted by the mods and over time would become a distinctive mod aesthetic, just like their accessorised scooters.
The parka perfectly met the mods' need to protect themselves during the long, cold, wet British seasons while driving around on their scooters, protecting their clothes which had to be shown off at night in clubs. As was customary for mods, who personalised every aspect of their appearance (both ethical and cultural), they often added words, patches and fur trim to their parkas.
Special attention
The COMBAT-K has a fixed hood featuring an orange cord drawstring. The front of the jacket is closed by a double windproof Zip 8.
The hood is reinforced at the back with a multi-stitched double layer of fabric. The reinforcement ensures support and maximum wear-resistance.
On your arms
External logo
All DEKKER models feature DEKKER brand patch sewn on the left sleeve. The specially designed patch distinguishes original apparel from the imitations found on the market.
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