Known as M65, the jacket was designed by the US Army to replace the previous M-51. The M65 was designed to protect American troops from the sudden climate changes and frequent monsoon rains that they would have to face in Vietnam. It became the symbol of the counter-culture of '68, a quirk of nonconformists, and protection for anyone who needed a jacket for little money from a thrift shop.
After the M65 became the uniform for all those enrolled in the US Army, it became the aesthetic uniform of rebels and politicised intellectuals. It was worn by John Lennon and Bob Dylan in real life, De Niro in Taxi Driver, Al Pacino as the incorruptible Serpico, Sylvester Stallone in Rambo and Woody Allen as the fictitious neurotic in the spolight in Annie Hall.
Garment identification
The Field jacket has a protective high collar with button fastening and a pocket containing an extractable nylon hood. The pocket is closed by a metal zip 8.
The garment has 4 external pockets with rainproof flaps. The safety button is concealed under the flap.
Multiple stitching
The collar of the GUARD-K is reinforced at the back with a multi-stitched double layer of fabric. This detail makes DEKKER apparel unique in its kind.
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